Product-Wafer Metrology Made Affordable

Process engineers want film thickness measurements fast and without a lot of hassle. Our innovative Thickness Imaging™ technology allows Filmetrics to offer easy recipe set up and industry-leading throughput, at a mere fraction of the cost of competing metrology tools.

Unlike conventional metrology tools that measure the thickness at a single spot, the F80 quickly generates a thickness image by collecting thousands of thickness readings in the vicinity of the measurement location.

Configurations available from low-cost, manual-load tabletop systems to fully automated standalone cassette-to-cassette tools.

If you are searching for the next generation in thickness metrology, then look no further than the Filmetrics F80. The F80 is the tool CMP, CVD, PVD and Wafer Track Process Engineers have been waiting for.

Thickness Imaging™ is a Trademark of Filmetrics Inc.

R&D 100 Award earned for Filmetrics' Thickness Imaging™ Technology.

This revolutionary innovation results in...

  • Ultra-Fast Measurements - As Fast As 15 points in 21 seconds
  • Superior Ease of Use
  • More Robust Automation
  • Lower Cost than the Competitors