Hardcoat Thickness

Filmetrics systems are used widely in the automotive and aviation industries for thickness measurement of hardcoats and other protective films. The F10-HC is specially designed for the curved surfaces and multiple layers (e.g., primer/hardcoat) encountered in these applications.

Automotive Headlamp Applications

There are multiple points in automotive headlamp-assembly manufacturing where coating thickness is critical to quality. The thickness of the outer hardcoat layers and inner anti-fog layers on polycarbonate lenses and the base coat on reflectors are all important. Each of these applications offers a unique set of challenges and Filmetrics has developed the software, hardware, and applications knowledge to deliver the right solution.

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Thickness Measurement Example

Silicon nitride films are widely used in the semiconductor industry as dielectrics, passivation layers, or mask materials. In this example, we successfully measure the thickness, refractive index, and extinction coefficient of a thin SixNy film on Si using our F20-UVX instrument. One interesting note is that the optical properties of SixNy films are correlated to the stoichiometry of the film. By using our F20-UVX along with Filmetrics’ proprietary silicon nitride dispersion model, one can easily measure the thickness and optical properties of SixNy films regardless of whether they are Si-rich, Si-poor, or stoichiometric.

Measurement Set Up


Measurement Result